Robin Dawn
Height: 5' 6"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Black
Dramatic Artists Agency, Inc.
50 - 16th Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033

Motion Pictures or Film
Ethics Training "Wrong Part" (Principal) Boeing Video Services Richard Turnbaugh
Woven Word (Principal) Spy Girl Productions George Gulian
Take Five (Principal) U. of W. School of Social Work
Dear Little Sweet Thang Nita (Principal) Gumbo Films Zola Mumford
Seasons of the Heart Master Vision Productions
Just Us Langston Hughes Perf. Arts Ctr. Alan Rudolph
Terminal 187 (Supporting) Langston Hughes Perf. Arts Ctr.
Talking Helps (Supporting) Comprehensive Health Ed. Foundation (CHEF)
Eating Teens & Calcium (Principal) Grey Dawn Productions
Chapel Hill (Supporting) Jet City Films Brian Young
Swipe (Supporting) Bryan Johnson
New Software Launch Video Microsoft Inc. Productions
Trouble in Mind Alan Rudolph
Mary Jane Winnifield Ezell, Jr.

Washington State Lottery Marine Productions
Celebrate America Public Service Announcement Craig Potter, Producer
Under One Roof Katy Film Productions
Rose Red Miniseries
The Fugitive Episode 5

Grandma Gronka’s Miracle Box Arkeesha Tacoma Actor's Guild & ArtWorld In-School Touring Program
Knock Me A Kiss (Reading) Lenora Mirror Stage “Feed Your Mind”
Plight Technical Stage Manager Christina Cultural Arts Center (Wilmington)
Exonerated Georgia Hayes, Judge & WA State Attorney Repertory Actor’s Theatre (ReAct)
Mirandy & Brother Wind Mirandy & Teaching Artist Book-it-All-Over
Trees In The Window (Trayvon Martin Plays (fundraiser) Neicy Brownbox Theatre
Strange Snow (Reading) Martha Repertory Actor’s Theatre (ReAct)
Martha’s Vineyard Jacki Langston Hughes Perf. Arts Ctr.
All in the Timing Ensemble Repertory Actor’s Theatre (ReAct)
The Dining Room Ellie, Ag & Helen Repertory Actor’s Theatre (ReAct)
Joy Luck Club Teresa/Marlene Repertory Actor’s Theatre (ReAct)
HEART Unmasked – What Lies Beneath Ensemble Freehold Engaged Theatre Project at WCCW
Death of a Salesman Waitress Langston Hughes Perf. Arts Ctr.
Purlie Victorious Lutiebelle (understudy) Langston Hughes Perf. Arts Ctr.
Two Trains Running Risa (understudy) Langston Hughes Perf. Arts Ctr.

Available Upon Request.

College of Arts & Sciences
Juney Smith and Reed McCants - Rebirth Drama Company, Los Angeles
Jodi Rothfield Casting - Seattle
STG Outreach Ed Dr. Daniel Bernard Roumain - Violinist, Teacher & Composer
Son-ra Parable Players, Dr. Tawyna Pettiford-Wates - Seattle & Zimbabwe
University of Washington School of Drama

Special Skills and Abilities
Directing and Improvisation Skills
Teaching Artist - (Voice/Body/Mind)
Good spanish pronunciation and reading.