Aisha Hopkins
Height: 5'5''
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Dramatic Artists Agency, Inc.
50 - 16th Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033

Motion Pictures or Film
'Muppet Tales'

The Production Foundry Safeco Insurance Press Release Mark Goodnow

Charlotte's Web Charlotte Paradise Theatre
Alien Voices Follies Artist, Caramela, Canterville Paradise Theatre
Wizard of Oz Dorthy Patch
Guys & Dolls Hot Box Dancer Paradise Theatre
Crazy For You Betsey Paradise Theatre
How to Eat Like a Child Arlene Paradise Theatre
Broadway Revue Soloist Paradise Theatre
A Girl’s Life (Original Cast) Ensemble The Performance Place
Evolution of a Performance Ensemble The Performance Place

Available Upon Request.

Other Film
Safeco Insurance Corporate Video

John Jacobsen from The Film School
Gary Austin
Joey Paul from Northwest Connection
Juleen Murray Shaw from The Performance Place
Juleen Murray Shaw from The Performance Place
Gean Wright and Michael Lobberegt
The Dance Gallery
The Dance Gallery
Paradise Theatre
The Performance Place
World of Dance

Special Skills and Abilities
Piano (4 years), Guitar (1 year), Singing
Dancing & Choreographing
Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics (Basic), Swimming, Yoga, Cycling, Soccer